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Zero Waste Near Me

Zero Waste Near Me is a UK directory of hundreds of zero waste shops and community initiatives across the UK supporting our journey to living more sustainably. Dian Sofia who founded Zero Waste Near Me has been involved in the Party Kit Network since the very beginning.

All the party kits in our network are also listed on the zerowastenear.me website, as well as packaging-free stores, scrap stores, community fridges, nappy libraries, repair cafes and much more more. All these project help reduce waste.

Like the Party Kit Network, Zero Waste Near Me is a volunteer-run non-profit organisation that makes it easier for people to find local resource to help us all live more sustainably. There is no charge to be listed and the website is funded by donations.

Find your local zero waste projects... https://www.zerowastenear.me/

Eco-friendly parties

Our network of party kits is an easy, convenient and often cheaper way of providing tableware and decorations for a party with the added benefit of reducing the amount of waste sent to landfill at the end.