About Party Kits

Disposable partyware has become the norm at parties. It’s easy to buy, colourful and makes tidying up at the end of the party a piece of cake.


But… for a party for 30, that’s an average of 100 items or more ending up in landfill. 

How does it work?

1. Find your local party kit

2. Contact & make a booking

3. Have a great party

4. Return to be used again

A party kit is a box containing reusable plates, cups and more - everything needed for for a colourful party with zero the waste. After each hire, the equipment is returned to be used again and again. 

Hiring a party kit is often cheaper than buying disposable partyware from the supermarket and many offer a washing up service.

But what about that plastic? Some kits use moulded bamboo plates or melamine, but most use plastic plates. As well as being easy to clean and safe for little ones, none of the plastic found in a party kit is single-use and most is more easily recycled at end-of-life unlike other materials.  

"I love both the concept of party kits, and the Party Kit Network. Reusable party kits are such a beautifully simple idea and a total no-brainer when it comes to planet-friendly parties!"



What's the problem with disposables?

Party plates, even paper ones, can’t be easily recycled due to mixed materials and contamination from food waste.

Compostable plates will normally only breakdown in industrial composters; so not in your compost at home or in landfill.

The manufacture and transportation of each party plate produces the same amount of CO2 emissions as driving a car for 34 miles.

Why does it matter?

By creating less waste, we reduce pressure on local authorities waste management services.

We reduce the risk of disposables becoming litter or marine pollution.


And we don't leave a waste legacy for our children’s future.



“Would HIGHLY recommend hiring this party set. Lovely colourful design, doesn't disintegrate like paper party sets and there is no plastic waste! It really takes so much stress out of having a party. The table cloths and bunting are great to give the party vibe in minutes! Brilliant for parties and the planet.”

— Catherine —

Hired a party kit from

Waste Not Parties

The Party Kit Network CIC is a non-profit community interest company which helps promote the concept of reusable party kits and makes it easier for people to find their local zero waste party kit for hire. 

We have over 400 party kits across the UK which are all run independently by a mixture of individuals, community projects and small businesses.


We support all the amazing people who run party kits for their local community via our Facebook group and through 1-2-1 support.

Please help us to support the 400+ party kits in our network by making a donation via PayPal.

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